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Tone Quest - How to create a sound like "so-and-so" artist?... 22-07-2008

There are a number of ways to create patches to emulate a specific guitarist. This Tone Quest article gives you some directions on how to achieve that.

Perhaps the quickest/easiest way is to find a patch in your Line 6 unit that is similar to the sound you are trying to emulate, make the modifications necessary and then rename/save the patch (see your manual for the specifics on how to save your patches).
You can also download thousands of user created patches at Custom Tone and install these tones on your Line 6 unit using the Line 6 Gearbox or Line 6 Edit programs.
We recommend doing a bit of research on the guitarist you are trying to emulate if you are interested in creating patches “from scratch”. The first item of interest would most likely be what specific amplifier the guitarist used, followed by speaker cabinet type and effects. Microphone type and distance from the speaker can change the sound the model quite a bit, so experiment with different options. Also take note of the guitar(s) used by the artist, as single-coil pickups sound different than humbuckers, semi-hollow guitars sound differently than solid body guitars, etc. Websites such as Guitar Geek and uberproaudio have many well-known players guitar rigs listed, and printed guitar and recording magazines often have specific diagrams and layouts (sometimes including the actual microphones used and distance from the cabinet), which may be available at your local library.

Here we have listed some well-known players documented rigs. Most of the rigs are taken from live performance situations, although many guitarists use similar gear in recording sessions. If you do not have the specific model available on your particular Line 6 gear, Gearbox will often recommend a similar substitute. The source of the information is sometimes documented at the end of the entry for further research.

Many of the item descriptions have been abbreviated to save space, but you should be able to find more information with a little research on sites like Harmony Central . Some are the common abbreviations included in the list are:
HB = Humbucking pickup
SB = Solid Body guitar
SC = Single Coil pickup
SH = Semi-hollow body guitar

NOTE: All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way affiliated with Line 6. These product names are provided for the sole purpose of identifying the specific products that the artist(s) have purportedly used.

A Derakh/Orgy: Jackson SB (HB), FZ-2, PH-2, PS-3, CF-7, Marshall JMC2K, TC2290, Marshall 412 w/ V30s (

A Holdsworth: Custom SB (HB) > (2) PCM 41s, (2) Yamaha 1500, (2) SDE-3K, (2) Delta Lab Effectrons, Boogie Mk I combo for Clean into 1x12, Dual rectos for solos (into Dual recto 212). (Guitar shop 1994).

A Lifeson: mid 70s: Gibson SB (HB) volume pedal, Cry Baby, BOSS CE-1, Mistress flanger, phase shifters, tape delays, Plexi Marshall, Marshall Cabs

A Lifeson: Early 80s - Super Strat , volume pedal, Cry Baby, BOSS CE-1, Mistress flanger, phase shifters, tape delays, Fender twin and Hiwatt 100w > Marshall Cabs (internet research)

A Young Gibson SG (HB) > Marshall JTM 45 or 1969 SLP reissues, Marshall 412 cabs.

Al Mckay/EW&F: Tele (SC) and ES-335 (HB) > JC 120 w/ phaser, Rat pedal, CE-2> JC120.

A Summers/Police: MXR Dyna Comp, an MXR Phase 90, an Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger/Filter Matrix, an MXR Analog Delay, two fuzzes (believed to be an MXR and a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi), and an Musitronics Mu-Tron III Envelope Follower. MXR Analog Delay into echoplexes, Telecaster, Marshall head and 412 cabs JC120 Jazz Chorus close-miked with a Sennheiser 421

B J Armstrong: Black Les Paul, Les Paul Junior, Fernandez Strat (w/ SD JB) > TS-9 > Ibanez Phaser > Boss Tremelo > Marshall 100w Plexi heads (w/ Dookie Mod w/ better preamp and biasing) > Marshall 412 w/ V30. Also has a CAE Preamp > Marshall power amp rig (Jan 2005 G1)

B Gibbons: Les Paul (HB) > 1959 Marshall Plexi through a 2x12 cab

B May: Custom SB w/ 3 SC, BM treble booster > Dunlop Cry baby > Eventide H3K > Vox AC30 w/ TB (no EQ or Cut). H3K uses Stereo flanger, 800 & 1600 ms DDL w/ no repeats (Guitar shop 1994,

B Nowell/Sublime: Santeria: Ibanez S-470 > Boss OS-2 > Boss DD-3 (splitter) Marshall JCM 800 combo 212 and JC-120 (

B Setzer: Stray Cats: Gretsch Semi-hollow > TS9, Roland 301 Echo unit or Echolplex, fender tremolo, 63 Fender bassman head w/ 212 cabs w/ V30 (internet)

B Whitford: Crybaby wah, Marshall guvner, Boss CD-2, Boss CE-5, Chandler Echo, Bogner Extacy head, Bogner cabinet (internet).

Coheed and Cambria (Claudio Sanchez/ Travis Stever): Gibson Explorer with EMG-81/85 pick-ups > Dunlop CryBaby Wah > Line 6 Tremolo > Bogner Uberschall and/or Mesa Triple Rectifier >Mesa 412 Recto Cab.
Clean amp: Fender 65 Twin Reverb amp

D Donegan/Disturbed: Les Paul Standard (HB) > E Ball Volume > Whammy Pedal > PH-2 > Cry Baby Wah > Mesa Triple Recto > Mesa 412 w/ V30s (

D Grohl/Foo Fighters: Gibson SB (HB) > TR-2 > EB Volume > DD-2 > Phase 90 > BF-2 > Mesa Road King > TC G Force > Mesa 412 w/ V 30s (Jan 2006, Guitar One)

D Gilmour: Strat w/ EMGs, Tube driver, Rat, CS-2, MXR comp, HM-2, GE7, univibe, 2290, PCM 70, MXR rack DDL, Hiwatt head, Marshall 412, Doppola (miked w/ u87 and SM57s) (Guitar Shop December 1996).

D Mustaine: ESP signature Solid bodies w/ SD HBs > Roctron Prophesy > Marshall 100/100 (EL34s) > Marshall 412 w/ V30s (May 2005 G1)

E Johnson: Strat w/ Dimarzio HS-2>fuzzface>MXR DDL/Echoplexes> 66-68 100w Marshall plexi > Marshall 412 (Guitar Shop, October 1996, September 1997)

E Van Halen: Wolfgang SB (HB) > SD-1 > OC-2 > Phase 90 > Cry baby Wah > 5150 > (FX loop H3K > (2) Roland SDE-3K > PCM-70) > Peavey 412 w/ 75w speakers (Guitar Shop, Spring 1994)

Edge/U2: (early years) Strat > Big Muff > SPX 90 > Rev 7 > Boss Pedals > Memory Man > Vox AC30 (july 87 Guitar World).

Korn: (composite of both rigs): Ibanez 7 string SB (HB)> Dunlop Wah > Whammy Pedal > Univibe > Boss PH-2 > Boss CE-5 > TS-9 > Big Muff > Rocktron tremolo > RV-3 > Mesa Triple recto > Marshall 412 w/ V30s (

H Garza (Los Lonely Boys): Fender Strat (SC) > Vox Wah > TS808 SPLIT: Marshall 2K (w/ Fender reverb unit) > Tone Tubby 412, Fender Twin w/ Jensen speakers (Holiday 2005 G1)

In Flames (Björn Gelotte/ Jesper Strömblad): Gibson Les Paul Custom with EMG 85 active HB, Peavey 5150 amp > Line 6 Effects> 412 cab (internet)

Iron Maiden (D Murray/Adrian Smith)
84 tour book
Superstrat > MXR EQ > Boss FA-1 Preamp > MXR Dist + > MXR Phase 90 > Cry baby Wah > Yamaha analog delay > DOD Flanger > Marshall JCM 800 > Marshall 4x12 w/ 75w speakers
Guitar world February 07 (D Murray)
Super strat > JMP 1 > Marshall JFX > JCM 2K (power amp) > Marshall 4x12 w/ 75w speakers (for power amps)

J Christ/Danzig: BC Rich SB (HB) > VHT Pitbull Classic Head, Rocktron Intellifex > VHT CHromeface Power amp > Marshall 412 cabs (Guitar Shop 1994)

J Cantrell/AIC: 5150 stacks and/or Mesa Dual recto. Marshall 412 w/Celestion 30-watt Vintage and 25-watt Greenback speakers. Fender Twin for Clean tones. Dunlop Crybaby wah, ProCo Rat and a vintage Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi.

J Frusciante (RHCP): Rig 1: 50s or 60s Fender > DS-2 > Big Muff Pi > Phase 90 > Ibanez Wah > CE-1 SPLIT to Marshall Major 200w head and Marshall Silver Anniversary head > Marshall 412 cabs. (

J Frusciante (RHCP): Rig 2: 50s Gretsch Falcon > DS-1 > Fender showman head > Marshall 412 (

J Greenwood (Radiohead):
RIG 1: Fender Tele Plus > Marshall shred master > BOSS RV-3 > SD-1 > Volume > Fender Deluxe (SS)
RIG 2: Fender Tele Plus > Marshall shred master > BOSS RV-3 > SD-1 > Volume > Fender Deluxe > Whammy pedal > Trem (home made) > DOD envelope filter > EH Small Stone > Space echo (no model) > Mutron Mutator > Vox AC-30.

J Hendrix: Late 60s Fender Strat (SC) > Vox Wah > Arbiter Fuzz Face > Octavia > Univibe (w/ pedal) > Marshall Plexi 100w > Marshall 412s (Guitar shop 94)

J Hetfield/Metallica: ESP SB (active HB) Mesa Boogie Mk IIC+ , Roland JC-120 combo. Celestion Vintage 30s (web research)

J Jorgenson/Hellecasters: G& L ASAT (tele style) Ibanez TS5, TS 808, Boss Dimension C (preset 2), Boss DD2, Boss RV-2, Matchless SC-30 (Guitar shop 1995)

J Petrucci/Dream Theater: Custom Ibanez SB (HB) > Mesa Triaxis > DBX 166 > TC 2290 > PCM 70 > Mesa 2:90 > Recto cabs (Guitar Shop, Summer 94)

J Satriani: Superstrat > Cry Baby wah > Whammy Pedal > Boss DS-1 > CH-1 > DD-2 > (2) Chandler DDLs (450-550 ms, 600-800ms) > Marshall Anniversary head > Marshall 412 w/ V30s. (Guitar Shop Summer 94, Nov 97,

J Winter
Early rig: Fender Mustang > Fender Twin
Later Rig: Gibson Firebird (HB, open D tuning for Slide) > CE-2 (rate = 10 pm, depth = 2 pm, always on) > Musicman 410 w/ Celestion Vintage 10 (all tones @ 0, treble at 10, no reverb) (April 2005 G1)

C Muncey: Gibson flying V (HB) > TS-9 > SD-1 > Boss Tremelo > 50 Marshall head > Marshall 412 (March 2005 G1)

N Cester: Gibson ES 335 (Semi hollow, HB) > Z-Vex Fuzz Factory > Hot Cake distortion > Hiwatt 50w Custom > marshall 412 (March 2005 G1)

K Cobain: Fender "Jag-stang" (HB) >Boss DS-2, Sansamp (as distortion) >EH Poly Flange>EH Ply-chorus (heavy rate and depth)>Mesa Studio or Quad Preamp>4x12 cabs

K Thayill/Soundgarden: Guild SG w/ HB > cry baby > DOD FX 10 preamp > CE-2 > Mesa Dual Recto head > to Mesa cabs or Fender Leslie (Guitar Shop 1994)

KW Sheppard: Late 50s/ early 60s Strats (SC, 11-58): Dunlop CB wah > TS 808 (modded) > TS9 (modded) > Octavia > L6 DM4 > L6 DL4 > Alalog Man chorus > SPLIT: Blackface Twin reissue (EVL speakers), Fuchs 100 OD supreme > Fuchs 410 (v30s), Marshall 1959 SLP reissue > Marshall 412 (V30s) (July 2005 G1)

Lenny Kravitz: Gibson SB (HB) > rack splitter > OC-3 > Fat boost > Dynacomp > Phase 90 > L6 Echo Pro > L6 Mod pro > L6 Filter Pro > L6 POD pro SPLIT > (2) Deluxe reverbs > 112 Greenback, (2) Marshall 50w Plexi Heads > Marshall 412 w/ 25 greenback, (2) Twin Reverbs > 212 80w G12s. (November 2005 G1)

M Izinger/Incubus: Pardon Me: Semi Hollow PRS > H&K Rotosphere > (2) PH-2 > DOD Gonlulator (ring modulation) > RV-3 > Phase 90 > DOD FX25 (envelope filter) > CS-3 > DOD FX75 Flanger > GeE7 > OC-2 > DOD overdrive > Mesa Dual Trem-o-verbs (1 clean, 1 distorted) > mesa 212 or 412 cabs w/ V30s (Sep 2002 Guitar One,

M Schenker: Flying V SB (HB) > Dunlop Wah (rack mounted) > DD3 > CE-5 > JCM800 50w (dist) SPLIT JCM 2k (clean) > Marchall 412 w/ 75w Celestions (June 2005 G1)

Maroon 5
A Levine: Gibson SB (HB) > L6DL4 > TS9 > NS2 SPLIT: Fender tone master and/or Triple Recto > Marshall 312 w/ 75w celestions.
J Valentine: Fender SB (SC?) > EB Volume > wah > L6DL4 > Phase 90 > Fulltone Deja Vibe > Z Vex SD Fuzz SPLITTER: Tonemaster 100, %13 FTR 37, %13 RSA 23, Two Rock Custom Reverb > %13 112 (V30) and %13 212 (V30 and Alnico Bulldog). (October 2005 G1)

N Schon/Journey: Les Paul in Crybaby Wah, Boss DS-1, Roland DDS, and Lexicon reverb Hiwatt head w/ 412.

T Dumont/No Doubt: Gibson Explorer or V (HB) > Cry baby Wah, Dunlop tremolo, univibe > Fender Tone Master head, Mesa Dual Recto head > (2) Fender 2x12 and (2) Fender 4x12.

O Rush: custom strat > Mesa Mk III > Mesa 412 cab (Guitar Shop Winter 1994)

P Hamilton (Helmet): ESP SB (HB) Vox Wah > MXR Dist+ > Dyna-comp > Tech 21 double drive > Z Vex Fuzz Factory > ProCo Rat > PE COB > octave Pedal > MSC Microamp > MXR Bass octave > Whammy pedal > ADA FLanger > MXR Stereo chorus > DD6 > VHT Pitbull Head > VHT 412 w/ Eminence 50w (September 2005 G1)

R Cray: early 60s strats & Gibson 345, (2) Fender Super Reverbs
Fender Twin Reverbs (web)

R Rhoads: Les Paul > MXR Distortion plus > MXR EQ (heavy midrange emphasis)> MXR Chorus > MXR Flanger > Korg Echo unit > Cry Baby or Vox wah > Marshall 1959 Super Lead Plexi heads > Marshall 4x12 cabinets with Altec speakers. Shure 57s close-miked on cabinet, Neumann U87 20' away.

S Gossard (Pearl Jam):
1: Les Paul > TS-9 > mid 70s Twin reverb (EV 75w speakers)
2: Les Paul > TS-9 > Matchless HC30 head > Marshall 412 w/ 25w speakers (Guitar Shop 1994)
3: Les Paul > TS-9 > 1968 Marshall Plexi Super bass > Marshall 412 w/ 25w speakers (Guitar Shop 1994)

S Ian: Among the Living: Jackson guitar > TC Distortion > JCM 800 > Marshall cabs.

S Seals: Gibson ES-335 > mid 60s Fender Super reverb (Guitar Shop 95)

S Stevens/Billy Idol: Hamer SB (HB), cry baby wah, Rat dist, Phase 90, Boss CS-2, 69 Marshall Marshall, PCM 41, PCM 70, XPS 90, Eventide 969(?), Marshall 412 w/ 25w speakers. (July 87 Guitar World)

S Vai
Guitar Shop 1994
Ibanez SB (HB) > SD-1 > Cry baby wah > Whammy Pedal > JCM 8/900 > SDE 3K > H3K > Marshall 412 w/ V30s

Guitar Shop 1995
Ibanez SB (HB) > DS-2 > Cry baby wah > Whammy Pedal > Laney and Bogner xtacy > SDE 3K > H3K > H4K > Marshall 412 w/ V30s

December 2005 G1
Ibanez SB (HB) > Morley Volume > Digitech whammy > DS1 > TS9 > Phase 90 > Phase 100 > Carvin Legacy amp (loop w/ Eventide Harmonizer®, TC G Force) > Carvin 412 w/ V30s.

Slash: Les Paul (HB) > EMB Remote Wah > Marshall Anniversary series head, Marshall 412 w/ V 30 speakers (amp settings From Guitar Shop 1995, June 1996)

Slayer (composite): Jackson w/ EMG HB > Bogner Shark Preamp, Eventide H3K, Boss EQ, VHT Power amps (Wet), Marshall JCM 800s (6550s) (Dry) > Marshall 4x12 w/ 75w Celestions (Guitar Shop 1995)

ESP SB (EMG pickups) > Dunlop Wah > Boss RGE-10 EQ > SPX 900 > Eventide H3K > JCM800 w/ 6550 > Marshall 412 w/ V30s (August 2005 G1)

T Delong/Blink 182: Superstrat SPLIT to Marshall JCM 900 (clean) and Mesa Triple Recto (distortion) > Mesa 412 cab (

T Morello: RATM/Audioslave: Superstrat w/ EMG humbuckers> crybaby wah> Whammy Pedal > Boss DD3 > DOD EQ > Ibanez digital Flanger > Marshall JCM 2205 50w > old peavey Cab (November 97 Guitar Shop)

T Petty: Tele or Rickernbacker (SC)> Vox Wah > Red Llama OD > TS-9 > CE-2 > RV-3 SPLIT TO: Fender Bassman and Vox AC 30 (

Y Malmsteen: Strat w/ HM3 pickups > BF-2 Flanger > Marshall JMP 50w MK II heads > KORG DDL (DDL and Chorus), Marshall 412 w/ 25w celestion speakers. (, Guitar Shop, Winter 95)

Z Wylde/Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society: - Les Paul w/ EMG HB > Dunlop Rotovibe > Crybaby > SD-1 > CH-1 > JCM 800 > Marshall 412 w/ 75w speakers. (Guitar Shop 94,

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